The second stop of my London tour in 2016 was at Ham Polo Club in Richmond, which is not far from the city center. HPC is the last standing Polo club in the UK; I was privileged to be there. The club is welcoming and warm for Polo lovers.  We were about 100 people who had attended the event. This time I was attending with my patron Jamie the FIP Ambassadors Cup.

The club was welcoming and warm for Polo lovers. Here I got to watch several matches. Fortunately I had a warm welcome from my colleague Rebecca Steadman, who was such a friendly host. At Ham PC we got to be served with the best wine brands and excellent cocktails,  just the way we like it. The HPC offers the subscription as a social member, in order to join the hundred plus members of the Polo club.

The main final was between Roehampton and Ham. The match started very competitive, the two teams wanted to become the champion. Roehampton started better and was leading the score by halftime. During divot stomping, I had a lot of fun. I socialized with the other spectators, whereby we shared stories on how far we had traveled to watch the game and how worth our sacrifice had been. Team Roehampton won the match 6-4, and conquered the trophy.

The Subsidiary Cup match followed the final, we also had the opportunity of meeting US Polo Association President Joe Meyer who has been serving as the chair since the year 2015. I was happy to meet Mr Meyer who shared with me some of his polo experiences. Actually, he was part of the champion team. He started his journey in Polo in 1998, putting all his effort to walk down the lane of success.

The price giving ceremony was a great occasion to take lots of pictures, and talk to many new friends. After that the club organized a dinner and party at the Club House. We couldn’t stay due to our busy agenda. The following day we had another big event to attend, the Coronation Cup.

All in all, the Ambassadors Cup was a fantastic event, and I am looking forward to visiting Ham PC again soon, and hopefully play some chukkers as well!